Okay i thought i could share postsecret with you...
Postsecret is a project, where people send in postcards with a secret on it. Every week, new ones are on the Postsecret website...
There are also already 3 books.
I found Postsecret in the library and it caught me instantly. I spent hours flipping through the book and thinking about the cards. Some are entertaining, some disturbing and some just really sad. Many stick with you, Angie and me still have the cheerleader postcard in our minds whenever we see a cheerleader. Today, Frank decided to put Postcards on, that fit mother's day.
Trust me, once you started looking at postsecret, you will never stop.
Thought I would share that with you. I love postsecret.

Happy Mother's Day

13.5.07 11:10

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